Shelley Palmer - Owner and Designer

 As a Certified Master Naturalist, Shelley is an expert at creating an environment that is as beautiful as it is Texas strong. By combining this with her 20 years of experience at Dell as an Enterprise Strategist, she figured out a better way of doing things.

Shelley has created a cost saving process that takes the guesswork out of designing, installing, and maintaining stunning landscapes, big and small.

Shelley considers key factors that help her clients:

  • Increase Property Values
  • Reduce Maintenance and Costs 
  • Love Their Space 

Proudly serving as President of the Wells Branch Municipal Utilities District, Shelley has a long standing history of helping her community create ecofriendly spaces that are responsibly designed for Austin, Texas. 

"To translate vision into reality, we must first listen before we create"  - Shelley Palmer

What We Offer

​​Residential Design

Commercial Design

Eco and Xeriscape Design


Municipal and Public Gardens

Irrigation Plan

Custom Garden Design

Landscape Lighting

Conceptual Design of Hardscape

Permeable Hardscape: stones, pavers

Conceptual Pool & Spa Design Site &

Planting Plan

Installation and Service

Shelly's passion is creating beautiful native gardens that connect with the larger eco system and greatly enhance your enjoyment of your home.  In a crowded, urban world we need to be conscious of maintaining ecosystems that sustain our native plants and pollinators and us! Our yards are a great opportunity to do that. Why just have a turf lawn that nurtures few as compared to a varied, ever changing garden that could have many functions - grow food, create it's own compost, save water... Earth's Way Ecoscapes designs gardens specific to the geographic location and to the lay of the land, piecing back together larger ecosystems - one yard at a time. We create beautiful gardens in collaboration with the customer, using sustainable practices and products.

earth's way ecoscape designs

Residential and Commercial landscaping, xeriscaping, native yard and garden design in Austin and surrounding areas